How it works

1 - Choose your desired itinerary

Enter the information of the reservation you would like to receive.

For example: If you need a flight reservation for Bali(DPS)-Berlin(BER) on Feb 1st, please enter those details.

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Receive later: ​Our reservations are valid for 48h from the moment you book them. If you need your reservation to be activated later, you can use the option “Receive later”. You will be able to activate your reservation for 48h anytime you want.

Change-over:​ If you can’t make a stopover in a country and need a direct flight, use that option. If we can’t find any direct flight, the screen will go back to the form so you can adjust the route or the date.

2 - We are searching

Nothing do here, we are looking for the best connection regarding your demand.

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3 - Pay

We’ve found a flight itinerary that meets your requirement. You can then make the payment using either credit card or PayPal

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4 - We are booking your reservation

We are booking your reservation which usually takes less than 1 minute.

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5 - Download your flight reservation

Your flight reservation is made and confirmed. You can download it directly from our website. You will also receive an email that contains the same ticket. You can show this ticket at the check-in counter.

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